Soul Tree

Soul Tree

The Soul Tree reminds us to look through the lens of our soul to see that we are interconnected as one with all. The Soul Tree reminds us that the connection we seek, has and will forever be within us. We are united through our shared roots as we stand on earth and reach for the stars. This desire for connection has inspired epic stories that are etched in our hearts. The Soul Tree is also known as the: Axis Mundi, World Tree, Cosmic Tree and the Tree of Life. It runs through the center of Earth, connecting us to the center of the Milky Way. The Anima Mundi or World Soul connects us to soul of the universe. As humans looked up to the night sky, they noticed seven “stars” that moved in contrast to the fixed stars.

These seven “wanderers” were identified as divine beings who watched over earth. The number seven became associated with sacred order. The ancient Mesopotamians were the first recorders of their stories, which later inspired the Hebrew concept of God. Homer, a Greek poet is credited with writing the lliad and the Odyssey. He saw them as the Titans & Olympians who ruled and taught humanity. The Romans associated them with the seven days of the week and named each day in honor of the deity associated with it.

Seven Wanderers – Seven Days of the Week – Ruling Deities (Partial list)

  1. Moon – Monday – Moon’s Day: (German-Mani) (Roman-Luna/Diana) (Greek-Artemis/Selene) (Sumer-Nanna)
  2. Mars – Tuesday – Tyr’s Day: (Norse-Tyr son of Odin) (Roman-Mars) (Greek-Aries) (Sumer-Nergal)
  3. Mercury – Wednesday – Wodan’s Day: (German-Wodan) (Norse-Odin) (Roman-Mercury) (Greek-Hermes) (Sumer-Enki)
  4. Jupiter – Thursday – Thor’s Day: (Norse-Thor) (Roman-Jupiter) (Greek-Zeus) (Sumer-Enlil)
  5. Venus – Friday – Freya’s Day: (Norse-Freya) (German-Eostre) (Roman-Venus) (Greek-Aphrodite) (Sumer-Inanna)
  6. Saturn – Saturday – Saturn’s Day: (Roman-Saturn) (Greek-Cronus) (Sumer-Ninurta)
  7. Sun – Sunday – Sun’s Day: (German-Sunna) (Latin-Sol) (Roman-Helios) (Greek-Apollo, Helios) (Sumer-Utu)

Message: Look deeper into the roots of our present situation to uncover insights that will help us move forward. We are not alone on this journey in life. This is a time to decide what feels right to our soul. There are many paths in front of us now.

“All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.” ‐ Albert Einstein 

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Photo by – Nina Riel from Shuffle Tarot.

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