1. Chakras

Energy pg

Our physical body is the body we see and feel every day.  It is the body we love and nurture to live a strong and healthy life.  Through our physical body we are able to delight in the senses and experience the amazing gift of feeling alive and what it means to be human. We also have a subtle body that resides within us that is often referred to as the energy body or soul body.  For the most part, it is invisible to the human eye and is made of pure energy.  This energy body shares the same anatomical structure as our physical body. The physical body is made up of skin, bones, muscles, organs, blood and other tissues.  The energy body is organized into seven primary chakras, or energy centers. The chakras connect our energy body with the physical body, which is why we often manifest physical symptoms from an emotional experience.  This can range from feeling our heart expand with love, to feeling punched in the stomach when we are hurt by harsh words.  All of these emotions are felt within our subtle/energy body. When we hold onto wounded emotions we can begin to manifest physical symptoms.  It is just as important to heal the emotional body, as it is to heal the physical body. The following section will provide insights for each of the seven chakras that will outline ways to open and increase the flow of life force energy through the use of food, plants, crystals, essential oils, intention etc.…

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Teilhard de Chardin 

One thought on “1. Chakras

  1. Wonderful article ! You are so right it is so extremely important to always pay attention to the spiritual body. Just as well as you would your physical body wish a lot more people understood that
    Thank you for making this article


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