Throat Chakra

The throat chakra serves as the gateway to the soul. The interlocking triangles represent the union of above and below. This is symbolic of speaking from a place of love and wisdom. Words, breath, wind and sound impact the world we live in. Our words hold energy in the form of frequency, intention and tone. It is important to use words wisely for every word creates a vibration that ripples throughout the universe. Sound carries a long distance and can impact places and people we do not even see. The energy of breath or wind is seen as the primordial essence of creation.

Throat Chakra

Archetype: Roots of Tree

5_Throat Chakra - Underworld

Sacred Geometry: Fruit of Life

12_Fruit of Life - Throat

Platonic Solid: Octahedron/Air

19_Air - Octahedron - Throat

Sacred Belief: Judaism

33_Judaism - Throat

Consciousness: Collective Unconscious

Fruit of Life

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