Crown Chakra

The crown chakra represents mankind’s connection to the universe and that, which is beyond death. The crown chakra connects us with the mystical aspects of human nature. Swiss psychologist Carl Jung felt that the human psyche “was by nature religious,” and to heal the soul would require a journey to meet the self and the divine within. For this reason there are over a thousand names for God, yet it remains nameless and formless. Stars have filled the night sky providing guidance for mankind since the dawn of time. They point in all directions to illuminate and inspire the soul.

Archetype: Branches of the Tree

7_Crown Chakra - Upperworld

Sacred Geometry: Merkaba/Star of Life

14_Merkaba - Crown

Platonic Solid: Sphere – Element: Light

21_Light - Sphere - Crown

Belief System: Islam

35_Crown Chakra - Islam

Consciousness: Collective Consciousness

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