5. Sacred Beliefs

Beliefs pg

Mankind’s original spiritual practice began over 40,000 years ago and was passed on through storytelling and ceremony. This weaving of ideas created a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and religious tradition. Nature, including trees, wind, stars the sun and moon were the original sources of inspiration that formed the beliefs of today’s world religions. The desire to know how a soul travels through lifetimes created epic stories that connected earth to the heavens. These stories often incorporated gods and goddesses who ruled over the heavens and earth. Eventually they created wounds within the psyche that caused conflict and separation. Bringing awareness to these stories helps us to see how they continue to inform our collective unconsciousness. From this place of awareness we can become more conscious and heal the wounds of separation and judgment. The wise shamans, seers and sage’s saw how these ancient stories of conflict were written in our hearts. As we heal our hearts and open our minds, we honor those who came before us and clear a new way of living for our children. When we reconnect with our true nature as human and divine, we will see that our diversity is what makes us strong. When we move through the walls that divide us, we can focus on our shared roots. Our hearts will help us to see that we are all sharing the same dream of love and living in peace.

This graphic is not intended to be seen as a hierarchy, it is a natural progression of chronological events and basic principles of each belief and how they align within us all.

Root Chakra – Our Roots – Indigenous Belief “original belief” was practiced by various cultures throughout the world beginning around 35,000 BCE. These original beliefs were based in man’s observation of nature, the setting and rising sun, stars, planets, directions, etc…

Sacral Chakra – Our Duality creates Our Oneness – Taoism originated in the far East with the WU Shamans around 5000 BCE as they began to develop a circular cosmology based on the harmony of opposing forces (Yin/Yang) in nature. This led to the creation of the Bagua, Feng Shui and the I Ching.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Our Internal Fire – Hinduism was officially formed with the creation of the Vedic Texts before 1250 BCE. Agni, the God of fire was the first God mentioned in the Rig Veda. Agni is associated with fire, blessings, divine knowledge etc.. Agni is the carrier of souls between lifetimes.

Heart Chakra – Love is a Choice made in Our Heart – Buddhism is an off shoot of Hinduism as the Buddha was born a Hindu. He renounced his faith to search for the meaning of suffering and to find peace within one’s heart. Buddha lived in India between 623 – 542 BCE and taught until he was 81 years old.

Throat Chakra – Our Stories – Judaism represents the roots of the monotheistic tradition (the belief in one God – includes Judaism, Christianity and Islam) All three faiths have roots to Abraham of Sumeria. The Epic of Gilgamesh, which was etched in stone in Sumeria holds many of the same stories or themes found in Genesis. Judaism is based in the oral tradition of storytelling until the Persians asked the Hebrew people to write a book of “laws” around 500 BCE, after which the five books of the Torah were written.

Third Eye Chakra – Our Inner Knowing – Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism because Jesus of Nazareth was born to a Jewish mother. After he was crucified around 30 ACE, for teaching that the kingdom of God was within, his followers continued to spread his teachings. Eventually the Roman Empire adopted Christianity around 325 ACE and forced conversion on the people it conquered. Knowledge became forbidden for 1000 years under Roman rule as knowledge became hidden within us. Our intuitive third eye is now beginning to open again.

Crown Chakra – Our Dreams – Islam is founded on the life and teachings of Muhammad (570-632 ACE) He was visited in his dreams by the Archangel Gabriel and given visions during his dreams. One was of a journey to a heavenly Lote tree in Jerusalem where he traveled through the seven heavens to meet with Adam, Enoch/Idris, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus to receive their teachings. When he entered the seventh heaven he saw a canopy of multi-colored leaves and heard the voice of God who told him that these leaves represented all the people. (The Q’ran mentions this journey and the Hadith’s provide varying interpretations) The Cosmos and seven heavens are referenced regularly in various Islamic texts.

“The mystic discovers symbols. . .symbols are windows through which we can view the essential nature of our being.” – Ngakpa Chogyam  

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