Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is located within the reproductive system of the physical body. This is the place of sacred creation. We create love and life through the union of two souls. We create art, music, stories and homes. By honoring the act of creation as sacred to life we pause to reflect and give thanks for all. When judgment is placed on creativity, we restrict the flow of creative expression. This creative flow is vital for a vibrant healthy life. Our ability to create is unlimited. It is expressed through our choices, words and actions. Each moment is a unique opportunity for creative expression.

Sacral Chakra

Archetype: Jaguar

2_Sacral Chakra

Sacred Geometry: Portal of Life/Vesica Piscis

9_Vesica Piscis - Sacral

Platonic Solid: Icosahedron/Water

16_Sacral Chakra - Water - Icosahedron

Sacred Belief: Taoism

30_Taoism - Sacral

Consciousness: Awareness of Self

Portal of Life

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