Seed of Life

10_Seed of Life - Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus Chakra – Sacred Geometry – Genesis Pattern

The solar plexus is associated with the Seed of Life that feeds our vitality, courage and joy. The Seed of Life consists of seven interlocking circles. The first circle is the central “one” associated with the Sun. The Sun or Sol is the center point of our solar system. This matrix, known as the Genesis Pattern, inspired the story of six days of creation and seventh day of rest.

Ancient Sumerians identified seven “wandering lights” in the evening sky, in contrast to the fixed stars. They honored these wandering lights by designating seven as the number of sacred order. Each “light” was seen as a divine deity. They were: Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Moon and the Sun.

In 321 CE, under the guidance of Emperor Constantine, the Romans decreed that a Roman week would consist of seven days. Dies Solis, the day of the Sun, became known as Sunday. Sol Invictus “the invincible sun” was seen as a Roman deity that ruled over the military. Sunday was declared a day of rest so their soldiers could recharge and regain their strength.

The sun, as the only star in our solar system, is the “central one” that spread the seeds that became our planets and moons. The Sun’s electromagnetic core is a powerful and consistent source of light and heat that makes all life within its reach possible.

Sun worship was central to many cultures throughout the world. Solar deities such as the Egyptian RA, Greek Helios, Incan Inti, or Lakota Wi, are just a fraction of gods associated with the Sun.

Our solar plexus represents the seed of our own internal source of strength, energy and willpower. This is where our dreams and desires are fed and where we decide when to take action and how we respond. The seeds of light within our solar plexus also casts shadows, to remind us that our greatest gifts are often hiding within our fears. This chakra goes into the darkness of the self to retrieve the wisdom born of fire. By making peace within the darkness we can more fully stand in our light.

Message: Power provides the ability to create, destroy and to nurture. To be at peace with the concept of power is to know when to create, when to destroy when to nurture and when to rest. We alone have the ability to choose. Be open to this power that is growing within us. Learn how to use this power wisely as we plant seeds for the future.

“Love is born in fire, is planted like a seed.  Love cannot give you everything, but it gives you what you need.” – Kate Wolfe 

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Photo by – Nina Riel from Shuffle Tarot.

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