17. Seed of Life

10_Seed of Life - Solar Plexus

10. Seed of Life – Solar Plexus Chakra – Sacred Geometry

The solar plexus chakra is connected to our digestive system. This is a powerful source ofvitality, confidence, courage, integrity, joy and sweetness.

The Seed of Life is made up of seven interlocking circles that have divided from the central “one” (1+6=7). It is often referred to as the “Genesis Pattern” associated with the creation story in the book of Genesis, which speaks of the six days of creation and the seventh day of rest.These six days were actually based on seven “heavenly lamps” or seven sages that were seen with the naked eye. The seventh day of “rest” became associated with the Sun as the central “sage” within our Solar System. Seven was designated as the base number of “cosmic order”.

These “seven sages” were actually the planets Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Saturn plus the Moon and Sun. When the Romans under the guidance of Julius Caesar created the Julian calendar in 46BCE, they named the seven days of the week for each of the seven “planets”. Sunday is the Sun’s day, named for the Germanic Sun goddess Sunni, which was based the Latin word for Sol. The Sun, as the primary source of energy in our solar system, can be seen as separate from the other six planets that rotate around it (1+6=7). The number six (6), also known as a hexad, is a symbol of harmony and the powerful union of two triads, which form the Visica Piscis, the Portal of Life from which the Seed of Life evolves.

Sun worship was central to many cultures throughout the world. Solar deities such as the Egyptian RA, Greek Helios, Incan Inti, or Lakota Wi, are but a fraction of the names of deities associated with the Sun. Our solar plexus chakra represents our internal source of energy and personal sense power. This is where our desires are fed as we decide how to take action and where our personal willpower is tested. The light of the solar plexus also casts shadows within the self. Our greatest gifts can be found hiding within our fears. This chakra goes into the darkness of the self to retrieve the wisdom born of fire. By making peace within the darkness one can more fully stand in their own light.

Message: Power provides the ability to create, destroy and to nurture. To be at peace with the concept of power is to know when to create, when to destroy when to nurture and when to rest. You alone have the ability to choose. Be open to this power that is growing within you. Learn how to use this power wisely as you plant seeds for your future.

“Love is born in fire, is planted like a seed.  Love cannot give you everything, but it gives you what you need.” – Kate Wolfe 

The solar plexus chakra is located in the stomach area and is connected to the digestive system. This is a place of vitality, confidence, courage, integrity, joy and sweetness. It represents the world of the mythic and the archetype of the hummingbird. Hummingbirds and dragonflies remind us that nothing is impossible when we see our life as sacred fairytales that we get to rewrite.  In sacred geometry, this is the seed of life that holds our hidden potential.  Its element is fire and its belief is forged in the Hindu tradition of tending the eternal Agni fire. The light of the solar plexus casts shadows within the self. The greatest gifts can be found hiding behind our fear. This chakra goes into the darkness of the self to retrieve the wisdom born of fire. By making peace within the darkness one can more fully stand in their light.

45. Soul Spectrum

Soul Spectrum

45.  Soul Spectrum  – Solar Plexus – Seed of Life – Oneness

The soul spectrum refers to all the colors of our chakras that come together to form what is known as the light or energy body. The light body is invisible to the human eye, yet can be felt through subtle touch.  Light is created by the Sun that generates an electro-magnetic spectrum of light made up of various frequencies and wavelengths of energy. Together these waves represent less than 5% of all matter. Within this 5% only 2.3% is seen as visible white light. Visible light is created by bands of monochromatic light or spectral colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

Overlying rays of colored light reform into white light. Higher frequencies create invisible light known as ultra violet or uber violet, meaning above violet. UVA & UVB rays are invisible to the naked eye, as well as X-rays and Gamma rays. Lower frequencies such as microwaves, radar, television and radio waves fall under what we call infrared or below red. Heat is registered in this lower frequency as well.  Black is the absence of light or is created by a saturation of colored light.

Message: It is time for you to widen your perspective on life by seeing that nothing is just black or white.  Between light and dark there are an endless variety of tones and colors that are reminding you to honor all viewpoints and all living beings.  Explore the full spectrum of possibilities and be open to all options available to you. Honor the darkness as well as the light, for both will help you radiate with confidence and love.  Connect with your luminous nature and let your colorful soul shine!  Awaken to your truth as a radiant and colorful soul!

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Soul Spectrum – the physics of light within our chakras:

(nm = nanometers. THZ = Tera Hertz/cycles per second)

Color Wavelength/Vibration     Frequency/Cycle    

  1. Red 740 – 625 nm                405 – 480 THz
  2. Orange 625 – 590 nm         480 – 510 THz
  3. Yellow 590 – 565 nm           510 – 530 THz
  4. Green 565 – 520 nm            530 – 580 THz
  5. Blue 520 -430 nm                 580 – 700 THz
  6. Violet 430 – 380 nm            700 – 790 THz
  7. White 390 – 700 nm            405 – 790 THz