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Sacral Chakra – Harmony of Opposites – Belief

The sacral chakra embodies the harmony of opposites seen in Taoist belief. The Tao, or the way, sees everything in terms of Yin (receptive earth) and Yang (expansive sky.) The dots within the Taoist symbolrepresent aspects of the other. Taoists see life as a continual balance between Yin and Yang, any shift to one extreme will be self-defeating.

In the Taoist creation myth, Wu-Ji is the limitless space that produces Tai-Ji as the delineating force, thus creating sky (Yang) and earth (Yin). Sky and earth rejoin when man (Yang) and woman (Yin) consummate and become one.

Taoism is based on indigenous beliefs in China dating as far back as 5000-3000 BCE. Women, or Wu shamans were the primary healers, rainmakers and dream interpreters. Chinese culture moved from matriarchy to patriarchy when the focus shifted to morally perfected Sage-Kings. The heavenly FuXi Bagua was created around 2500 BCE. Lao Tzu (590 BCE) is considered the father of Taoism. He is credited with writing the Daodejing or “Book of the Way and its Power.” The sacral chakra helps us balance our duality by seeing that we are one.

Message: Find harmony in our life by embracing the opposites within us.  Step out of being right and wrong by allowing our life to flow. Become the observer. Go outside or near water to help open our mind to new ways of seeing and being that are waiting for us to experience.

“The softest things in the world overcomes the hardest things in the world.” – Lao Tzu 

The Bagua, used in Feng Shui, is made up of eight trigrams. The combination of open Yin lines and solid Yang lines represents the eight aspects of nature. The Bagua legend tells of a time when Yang/sky joined with Yin/earth to creat three daughters and three sons. Each family member represents an aspect of nature that is in constant motion. This formed the basis of the I-Ching, the oldest divination system still in use today.

The King Wen Bagua – 1150 BCE

  • South/Summer – 2nd Daughter Li – Clinging/Lightgiving – Fire
  • Southwest/Summer – Mother Kun – Receptive/Devoted -Earth
  • West/Fall -3rd Daughter Tui – Joyous/Joyful -Lake/Marsh
  • Northwest/Fall – Father Ch’ien – Creative/Strong – Heaven/Sky
  • North/Winter – 2nd Son Kan – Abysmal/Dangerous – Water
  • Northeast/Winter – 3rd Son Ken – Still/Immovable – Mountain
  • East/Spring – 1st Son Chen – Arousing/Movement -Thunder
  • Southeast/Spring-1st Daughter Sun – Gentle/Direct – Wind/Wood

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