44. Soul Body

Soul Body

44. Soul Body – Sacral Chakra – Auric Field – Oneness

The soul body emanates a unique electromagnetic field that can be sensed by others. This field surrounding the body is often referred to as an auric field. Aura’s are interconnected with our chakras and our emotional state at any given moment. The word “aura” has its roots in the Ancient Greek language meaning wind, breeze or breath. Some believe that our aura changes color depending on our mood. A person’s aura is actually a blend of colors that make up the visible spectrum of white light. Aura’s are connected to our emotional state. They give off a “vibe” or “vibration.”

Some people can see a person’s aura. Aura’s can range between a silvery white to a golden white color. Sometimes a crystal aura can be perceived which would give the impression of a prism effects surrounding the body. Aura’s have the ability to expand and contract depending on the person and their environment. We can consciously make ourselves small by contracting our energy field and become less conspicuous. We can also command attention or protect ourselves by consciously expanding our aura to increase our personal space. This sense of energetic space around a person is easily felt by others even if they are not aware of it. Our aura reminds us that we have an energy body that is separate yet interconnected with our physical body. This energy body is also called the subtle body or soul body.

Message: Trust your vibes whether they are internal or external. Become more aware of your surroundings and adjust your energy accordingly. Use your ability to expand or contract your energy field as you see fit. This awareness will heighten your senses during a time of transition.

“It is not the body, nor the personality, that is the true self. The true Self is eternal. Even on the point of death we can say to ourselves, my true Self is free. I cannot be contained.” – Marcus Aurelius –

Chakra                                    Color                      Soul Body Field

  1. Root                                 Red                            Physical Body
  2. Sacral                            Orange                      Emotional Body
  3. Solar Plexus                Yellow                       Mythic Body
  4. Heart                             Green                        Energetic Body
  5. Throat                           Blue                           Etheric Body
  6. Third Eye                     Violet                        Conscious Body
  7. Crown                           White                        Celestial Body


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