18. Flower of Life

11_Heart Chakra - Flower of Life

11. Flower of Life – Heart Chakra – Sacred Geometry

By adding a round of twelve circles to the Seed of Life, the Flower of Life symbol is revealed. This matrix consists of nineteen total interlocking circles. The twelve additional circles represents the 12 aspects of the zodiac, (Greek for “ring of animals”) the epic stories recorded in the stars.

The Zodiac defined the twelve months of a solar year during a time when both Solar and Lunar calendars were in use. The 18 circles rotating around the central “one” represents a Saros, which is an 18-year, lunar or solar eclipse cycle. Lunar and solar eclipses mirror each other every nine years, which is called a Sar or half of a Saros.

This matrix of 19 interlocking circles (1+6+12=19) also represents a Metonic cycle, or 19 years. It was named for Meton of Athens in 432 BCE, but was already used by Babylonians and Chinese.  To keep a 12-month lunar year in pace with the solar year, an intercalary 13th month would have to be added on seven occasions during the nineteen-year period. The Flower of Life contains seven independent circles. Seven (7) is a septad or “set” that forms the basis of sacred order and the mystic nature of humans.

The Flower of Life pattern has been found throughout the world as a symbol of cosmic order. It represents inner alchemy as the combination of the sacred trinity (3) of spirit, mind and soul with the foundational body (4) made of earth, water, air and fire. The heart is where the soul transmutes body, mind and spirit.

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is first revealed within the Flower of Life symbol. Knowledge of the Tree of Life was strictly forbidden. The Tree of Life represents the mystical journey of the soul as it descends into human form and then transcends to remembering its divine oneness as whole.

Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) studied the hidden wisdom of the flower of life.  His passion was to link art and science together to create new ideas and ways of seeing. The Flower of Life was a mathematical formula that encouraged him to explore the hidden or esoteric meaning of life. The heart chakra reminds us that to be fully conscious we must see all aspects of the self and love all of our self unconditionally. By loving our self unconditionally, we will know the truth of our soul.

Message: Be open to the hidden wisdom in your soul. This wisdom is becoming more accessible as you begin to see with your heart instead of your eyes. Just as you appreciate the gifts of others, it is time to appreciate the gifts within you. A bud is never fully realized if it does not blossom.  Now is a time of opening, to honor the person you are becoming.

“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin 

The heart chakra is located in the chest area and is connected to our cardiovascular system. This is the energetic world of our soul, where compassion and unconditional love reside within us. It represents the archetype of the eagle, reminding us to soar above the stories that hold us to see the bigger picture of our lives. In sacred geometry, it is the flower of life that reveals the essential nature of our being. Its element is love and its belief is founded in the teachings of Buddha. The heart chakra is the center point, the core of who we are. This chakra reminds us that to be fully conscious of the self we must love our self unconditionally.  By loving our self unconditionally, we will know the truth of our soul.