13. Trunk

6_Third Eye Chakra - Middleworld

6. Trunk – Third Eye Chakra – Sensory System – Natures Archetype

The third eye chakra is located in the middle of the forehead connecting us to our sensory system. This is the place ofintuition, inner knowing and conscious dreaming. It represents the archetype of the tree, standing fully present in the moment.

A tree trunk is seen at eye level; it is not buried like the roots or out of reach like branches. The trunk is symbolic of the present moment, our awakened or conscious state, what some call the middle world. In native cultures, trees are referred to as “The Standing People” who hold great wisdom for humanity.

Trees paved the way for humans to live on earth by purifying the air we breathe. Trees provided shelter, tools, food, medicine, fire and spiritual connection.

The Celtic cultures of the Germanic people saw trees as ancestor spirits or divine beings. A person who could access the wisdom of trees was considered “treewise”.  These treewise people were often seen as Druids who were able to merge with the spirit of a tree and gather information in the middle, lower and upperworlds. Druids were teachers and mystics who shared their wisdom by carving symbols and letters on wooden sticks. The Anglo-Saxon word treo, means both tree and truth and is based on the Sanskrit word taru (tree). Treeshave inspired manyofthe great mysteryteachingsand creation stories throughout the world. These stories have been consciously shared in the oral tradition for hundreds of generations as they have informed the collective unconscious.

The third eye has the ability to awaken the collective unconscious to become conscious. By bringing these stories to consciousness using our logical and intuitive self we can awaken our world through the singular eye of the soul.

“One is wise to cultivate the tree that bears fruit in our soul” – Henry David Thoreau 


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