Tree Trunk

6_Third Eye Chakra - Middleworld

The third eye chakra is associated with the archetype of the tree trunk. Trees anchor us in the present moment as we exercise our intuition and connect with our inner wisdom.

The trunk of a tree is symbolic of our awakened or conscious state that resides with us. It represents the middle world that we presently live in.

In some native cultures, trees are referred to as “The Standing People.” They hold the wisdom for humans to survive on earth. Trees are the ones that made it possible for humans to live on earth by purifying the air we breathe as well as providing shelter, fire and food. They were the one who connected humans with the stars, by functioning as ladders and sundials.

In Celtic culture trees were honored as ancestor spirits and divine beings. A person who could access the wisdom of a tree was considered to be “tree wise”. They were known as Druids, who could merge with treesto gather information in the lower, middle and upper worlds. The name Druid comes from the Proto-Indo-European words daru (tree & truth) and vid (wisdom).

Trees inspired many of the great mystery teachings, creation stories and sacred beliefs around the world. These stories were consciously shared in the oral tradition for hundreds of generations. They now exist in the collective unconscious.

By opening our third eye and aligning it within our heart, we can begin to awaken the collective unconsciousthrough the singular eye of the soul.

Message: Trust in our inner knowing by being aware and present in the moment. Feel what is happening around us and within us. As our intuition develops anchor it within our heart to learn what feels right to our soul. This will help us to sort out what is true or false. See with our heart instead of our eyes.

“One is wise to cultivate the tree that bears fruit in our soul” – Henry David Thoreau 

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