Tree Roots

5_Throat Chakra - Underworld

The throat chakra is the place of communication, resonance and truth. The roots of a tree symbolize theorigins of stories that have been shared and stored within the conscious and subconscious mind for thousands of years.

Our ancient ancestors saw trees as benevolent beings that held the secrets of life and death. Mankind’s fascination with death and rebirth created epic stories of deities who ruled the Under World, Upper World and Middle World. This laid the foundation for many of today’s beliefs and religions. These mythic stories grew organically through the ancient tradition of storytelling. They became epic tales that were passed on from one generation to another. Each storyteller added their own unique voice.

Tree roots are also associated with the lower world of earth where our body will return after death. Thisassociation of death and the underworld is natural. The underworld was originally seen as the place wherethe physical body returned to rest, sinking back into its original home to replenish the earth for futuregenerations.

As religions formed the underworld became known as a dark and scary place where souls roamed in eternal punishment.

Names such as Hades and Hel in Greco-Roman and Norse mythology have synonymous with the underworld that is ruled by gods and goddesses. To shamanic cultures the underworld held the wisdom of the past. Shamans would travel through the roots of a sacred tree into the underworld to access the wisdom of the ancients.

Message:  Search for the deeper meaning of the stories we have been told before sharing them with others.Understand the origins of how this story began. Sense what feels true to our soul before sharing it withothers. As a storyteller, we have the opportunity to heal old stories by telling it in a new way. As we shareour stories through the spoken word, we create a new reality for ourself and future generations.

“Maybe you are searching among branches for what only appears in the roots” – Rumi 

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