Awareness of Self

Portal of Life

The self, releases from the dark womb of its mother to travel through the portal of life, emerging into the world of light. In that moment, when the first breath is drawn, the soul is ignited and the awareness of self begins.

This immediate awareness of separation from the warm watery world of the womb informs the self to survive. Individuation of self develops within the first seven years of life. It is during this time that the child may remember its self as a soul, but the desire to thrive and feel loved often over shadows the desire of the soul.

As a child becomes aware of its self as human, they become less aware of their soul. The self begins to separate its self from its soul to claim its individual identity.

Message: We may have become disconnected from our soul’s purpose for reasons that are hidden in our shadows. Look into our shadows and fears to see the insights our soul holds.  Judging ourself or others will further separate us from ourself.  Try to see that light and dark can exist in perfect harmony. 

“This meeting with oneself is, at first, the meeting with one’s own shadow. The shadow is a tight passage, a narrow door, whose painful constriction no one is spared. But one must learn to know oneself in order to know who one is. For what comes after the door is a boundless expanse full of unprecedented uncertainty. It is the world of water, where I am indivisibly this and that; where I experience the other in myself and the other than myself experiences me.” – Carl Jung 

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Photo by – Nina Riel from Shuffle Tarot.

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