Collective Conscious

The collective conscious is a set of shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes that operate as a unifying force within society. This occurs when the anima (feminine desire within men) and animus (masculine desire within women) comes into balance and harmony with each other. By awakening and healing the archetypal stories held in the collective unconscious mind we can move forward into collective consciousness. As the collective consciousness grows, the collective unconscious diminishes until we become unified, whole and healed.

To awaken the collective consciousness requires us to step out of fear and learn to trust in the lanquage of our heart. By opening our intuitive third eye we can begin to connect to others is ways we had not thought possible. In this state of unity consciousness each person and culture retains and respects the uniqueness of others. This is necessary for the continued evolution of the soul and for humans as a species.  As we awaken together, we heal the wounds and stories of our ancestors throughout time for generations to come.

Message: Trust in our knowing and transform our knowledge into wisdom.  We are now seeing what the great sages of the world have been teaching for thousands of years. Let compassion, love and nonjudgment reframe our awareness of our life and those around us. Take another look at something we had dismissed and see it from the perspective of the compassionate soul.

“All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.” – Leonardo DaVinci 

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Photo by – Nina Riel from Shuffle Tarot.

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