19. Fruit of Life

12_Fruit of Life - Throat

12. Fruit of Life – Throat Chakra – Sacred Geometry

The Fruit of Life holds the story of time. It is an interlocking symbol of sixty-one circles. This occurs by adding two rows of circles to the 19 circles in the Flower of Life. The additional inner row is made up of 18 circles that represent a Saros, or 18-year Lunar or Solar eclipse cycle. The outer row of 24 circles represents the 24 hours in a day. The 60 total circles rotating around the central one represents the 60 minutes in one hour or 60 seconds within one minute. The 13 independent circles represent a lunar year, while the 12 independent circles around the central circle represents a solar year of 12 months.

The Fruit of Life demonstrates how the astronomical dance between the Sun and Moon in relationship to Earth inspired the creation of time and calendars. Lunar and solar eclipses mirror each other every nine years, this is called a Sar.  The 18-year Saros cycle is the total number of years for a lunar or solar eclipse cycle to occur. Many stories and prophecies have been created regarding this dynamic relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth. The Fruit of Life reminds us that humans created time by observing the ongoing cycles in the skies. The creation of time brought order to agriculture, people could now know when to plant and when to harvest the many fruits of life.

Message: It is time to get yourself organized and prepared.  Become aware of your surroundings and identify what needs to shift to help you move forward. Share your insights with someone who can help you create this new reality.

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” – Plato 

The throat chakra is located in the throat and is connected to the vocal system. This is the place of communication, resonance and truth.  It represents the lower world and the storied roots deep within the psyche of mankind.  In sacred geometry, it is the fruit of life that reveals the story of time itself.  Its element is air and its belief is based in Judaism where the roots of monotheism, the belief in one God, were born. The sound of wind in the trees became associated with the sound of God.  These stories were passed on in the oral tradition of storytelling.  They gave the story of one God a voice.  The throat chakra carries these stories as archetypes held within the collective unconscious. The throat chakra reminds us to use our words and our silence wisely.

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