Fruit of Life

12_Fruit of Life - Throat

The clockwork nature of time is held in the throat chakra. This story is revealed in the geometry of the fruit of life matrix by adding two rings of 18 and 24 circles to the flower of life.

The first ring of 18 circles represents an 18-year Saros cycle, when the Sun, Moon and Earth return to the same relative location to repeat a solar or lunar eclipse. This cycle helped ancient astronomers predict the time and location of the Sun and Moon as they began to measure time and space. A Sar is the 9-year period between a lunar and solar eclipse.

The second ring of 24 circles represents the 24-hours in “one-day”, or one rotation of earth on its axis. A day is defined by 2, 12-hour periods of AM (after midnight) and PM (after noon).

By adding these rings of 18 and 24 circles with the 19 circles in the flower of life, a total of 60 interlocking circles surrounds the central “one”. This correlates to 60-minutes in “one-hour” and 60-seconds in “one-minute”.

The actual fruit of life pattern is created by focusing on the 13-independent circles within the 61 circles. Each of these 13 circles represents a 7-day week, or a 13-week cycle, which is the approximate number of weeks within the four seasons of: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. These four 13-week seasons equate to a 52-week year.

The sacred geometry held within the fruit of life inspired the creation of calendars and clocks, which brought order into everyday life. As farming communities grew, temple towns were created and the nature of time was kept secret by temple priests and priestess. Eventually calendars and time were used to control the people and enforce laws. As patriarchy grew, men associated themselves with the solar world of the sun, as “keepers of the seed”. Women were associated with the lunar world of the moon, as “keepers of the mystery”.

Time is relative to how we perceive it, and interact with it. To some, time is an illusion, to others it’s a mathematical model. In reality, Earth will continue to rotate each day on its axis as it orbits the Sun every 365.25 days. The Moon will hide and reveal itself as it moves in harmony with the Sun. Earth’s tilted axis will determine the days when each of the four seasons begin.

Message: It is time to rethink and reset as we prepare for change.  Become aware of our surroundings and identify what needs to shift in order to move forward. We are encouraged to share our stories with others as we shift into this new reality.

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” – Plato 

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