39. Conscious Self

Flower of Life

39. Conscious Self – Heart Chakra – Flower of Life – Consciousness

The heart is the place of the conscious self. The heart generates an electromagnetic field that is 60 times greater than the brain. This subtle yet powerful energy field can be felt several feet away from a person’s body between individuals. The heart is a sensory organ that has the ability to learn, remember and make independent decisions. The conscious self is aware of this dynamic and engages the heart in an ongoing dialogue with the rest of the body.  Shamans and seers, “see with their hearts instead of their eyes.”  The conscious self sees the heart and soul as one.

To become fully conscious requires one to see the bigger picture of their life. We need to look at the wounded parts of ourself as well as the healed aspects of life. If we choose to only see our happy memories we limit our awareness of our full potential. Consciousness from the heart requires compassion and non-judgment in order to see the wisdom or insight that come from challenging experiences. By seeing our selves as whole is to be conscious of who we are, who we have been and who we are becoming.

Message: Become more conscious of yourself by connecting with your heart instead of your mind.  See with your heart instead of your eyes. Trust the inner voice deep in your soul and connect to your true self. Embrace your life and all of its potential.  Be fully aware of any opportunities for love that may be unfolding for you right now.

“To have an open heart is to be fully awakened and truly alive.” – Vito Santana  


The heart chakra is located in the chest area and is connected to our cardiovascular system. This is the energetic world of our soul, where compassion and unconditional love reside within us. It represents the archetype of the eagle, reminding us to soar above the stories that hold us to see the bigger picture of our lives. In sacred geometry, it is the flower of life that reveals the essential nature of our being. Its element is love and its belief is founded in the teachings of Buddha. The heart chakra is the center point, the core of who we are. This chakra reminds us that to be fully conscious of the self we must love our self unconditionally.  By loving our self unconditionally, we will know the truth of our soul.

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