Soul Sound

Soul Sound

The language of our soul is created by the vibrations in our chakras. Each chakra resonates to a sound or vibration when vocalized as a mantra (prayer).  When you vocalize a sound such as a Bija (seed) mantra you connect with the energetic vibration of that chakra. The Sri Yantra is the visual form of the mantra AUM. AUM is seen as the essence of creation and oneness, within Hindu & Buddhist philosophy. The Sri Yantra represents the merging of Shiva (male) and Shakti (female) energies to achieve spiritual union between the mind, body and soul. This awakens our awareness of the creative life force energy within us.

Vibration can be felt without being heard. Our breath creates vibration, our heartbeat creates vibration. These vibrations resonate within us, connecting us with the resonance of earth and the universe. The science of Cymatics and Schumann’s Resonance explores these vibrations as electro-magnetic waves or frequencies of invisible energy that affect us and our world.

We are most at peace when our heart beats in rhythm with nature because we are, in fact, interconnected with it. The advent of electronics has filled our “airspace” with invisible frequencies that can influence these connections.

Message: Take time to listen to the sounds in our life and feel if they align with our soul. Go out in nature, without electronic devices, and connect with the rhythms we share with all that is around us. Sound is vibration and we are vibrational beings.  Find our soul’s voice and use it for good.

“Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.” – Plato 

Soul Sound – Bija Mantra (Seed Sound)

  1. Root Mantra: LAM
  2. Sacral Mantra: VAM
  3. Solar Plexus Mantra: RAM
  4. Heart Mantra: YAM
  5. Throat Mantra: HAM
  6. Third Eye Mantra: SHAM
  7. Crown Mantra: AUM

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