20_Ether - Dodecahedron - Third Eye

The dodecahedron is connected to the element of ether, or “divine air” that exists above the clouds within our third eye.

A dodecahedron is a polygon with 12 equal pentagonal faces. Plato worked with this concept as a modelfor the zodiac. Aristotle defined it as the element of ether and associated it with divine thought or will. It isseen as the invisible energy of space.

The combination of a dodecahedron (ether) with an icosahedron (water) creates a truncated icosahedron representing the vaporized structure of carbon. This is also known as a Fullerene or Bucky Ball, named after Buckminster Fuller.

As carbon beings, we are made primarily of water and energy. It is remarkable that Aristotle understood this over 2000 years ago. Fullerenes are now considered the galactic seeds of life.

The dodecahedron is aligned within the third eye chakra reminding us of the power of our intuitive thought. The paradox is that without imagination, we would have no knowledge. Without knowledge, imagination cannot be developed. In truth we need both.

The third eye encourages both knowledge and imagination as we dance between the worlds of divine thought and earthly will.

Message: Trust our knowledge and our imagination. This will help us to see that nothing is impossible. Use our wisdom and our intuition to see all of the options available to us and to choose which is right for our soul. It is important that we trust and believe in ourself. We do possess the ability to make our vision a reality.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein 

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