49. Soul Light

Soul Light

49. Soul Light – Crown Chakra – Tree of Light – Oneness

Soul light connects us to our source. The Axis Mundi (World Tree) connects us to the center of the Milky Way. The Anima Mundi (World Soul) connects us to the universal soul. Our source of light comes from the Sun, which is a star. It is anchored by a mythical tree that connects us to the stars while we live on the earth

As humans studied the night sky they observed a stationary star in the Northern Hemisphere that other stars rotated around. This star became known as the North Star or Pole Star, based on the fact that trees were used as poles. This discovery inspired calendars, time, astronomy, geometry etc.

Polaris, our current Pole Star, will come closest to the center of our actual North Pole in 2100. Polaris will then slowly begin to move away as another Pole Star will take its place. Pole Stars change over a period of 25,800 years (also known as a Platonic Year). This is caused by the earth’s rotational wobble known as the precession of the equinoxes. The constellation Draco (dragon), contained the previous pole star known as Thuban. It inspired many mythological stories of dragons and feathered serpents that shine a light into our shared history.

The ring of six North Stars (constellations):

(These dates are when each star reaches its peak position)

Past North Stars

                  Denab – 15,000 BCE (Cygnus/Swan)

                  Vega – 12,000 BCE (Lyra/Lyre)

                  Thuban – 3000 BCE (Draco/Dragon)

Present North Star

                  Polaris – 2100 CE (Ursa Minor/Bear)

Future North Stars

                  Gamma Cephei, Errai – 4000 CE (Cepheus/King)

                  Alderamin or Iota Cephei – 7500 CE (Cepheus/King)

Denab – 10,000 CE (Cygnus/Swan)

                  Vega –  14,000 CE (Lyra/Lyre)

                  Thuban – 23,000 CE (Draco/Dragon)

                  Polaris –  26,000 CE (Ursa Minor/Bear)

Message: You are a being of light that is interconnected with everything around you. Radiate your light to illuminate your life and your world. The source of your light comes from your soul. Its fuel is love. It is time to love the light within you and believe in your pure potential.

“You have no need to travel anywhere. Journey within yourself and bathe in the splendor of your own light.” – Rumi 

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