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Laural Virtues Wauters is an artist, mandala facilitator, shamanic practitioner, author and educator. Based on her personal journey, Laural weaves art, history, science, psychology and spiritualty together to rewrite the stories held within us.

Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Laural developed a deep connection with trees that touched her soul. She carried this sense of wonder to Algoma, WI and the wooded shores of Lake Michigan.

Before starting third grade in a new country, new town and a new school, Laural discovered a shocking postcard that announced her adoption. When she asked her parents if it was true, they said yes, but wouldn’t talk about it. Laural’s world flipped upside down for everything she knew had changed. Laural was bullied and called Hitler’s daughter, not understanding why, she asked her parents but they refused to discuss it. When Laural was cast as Anne Frank she learned the reality of Hitler, the Holocaust and the secrets of her homeland. Life was both mysterious and marvelous as she came of age in the 1960’s.

Driven by her desire to help others, Laural earned a BSW degree and worked as a VISTA volunteer, social worker and counselor. Seven years later she earned a degree in art and became an art director and creative director.

On Laural’s first birthday after her adoptive parents passed away, she received a mysterious phone call that opened the door for Laural to reunite with her birth mother, Karin. Laural learned that she was taken from a mother and father who fought to keep her but were caught in the middle of Cold War espionage and the aftermath of Nazi Germany. Laural also discovered that both of her adoptive parents had worked for the CIC/CIA in Germany for 15 years. Nine months after finding her mother, Karin unexpectedly passed away. Laural never met her birth father, a 34-year army veteran, for he passed away at the age of 54.

As Laural searched for meaning among the missing pieces of her life, she felt the presence of a tree spirit within her soul.

Laural lived in the country on 40 acres with her husband and son. She was involved in numerous community activities and worked 60 hour weeks as a creative director for Goltz & Associates. Two years after losing her mother Karin, Laural lost her friend and mentor Bob Goltz to suicide in 1997. This eventually led to Laural becoming President of the agency he founded. Her dream of finding the missing pieces of her life were put on hold.

The day after 9/11, Laural could no longer ignore the tug in her heart and began to study the shared roots of world belief from 40,000 BCE to present day within each continent. She worked with the concept of the Tree of Life as a guide to heal the separation, judgment and fear she saw. This brought Laural into the ancient world’s of Egypt, Sumeria, Europe, India, China, Siberia and the America’s.

Laural was fascinated by Carl Jung, a Swiss Psychoanalyst, who identified trees as the archetype of man’s psyche and its quest for individuation and wholeness. He identified the mandala (sacred circle) as the archetype of wholeness. Laural now understood how trees were held in the collective psyche.

Laural left her career in 2007, and immersed herself in the healing arts of shamanic energy medicine and the mandala. She knew she needed to heal her self before she could help others. Laural reconnected with her biological roots. She traveled to Frankfurt, Germany, and uncovered her mother’s hidden Ashkenazi Jewish lineage. She went to the Smoky Mountains and discovered her birth father’s Cherokee and Irish heritage. She now saw how the patterns of her ancestors were held within her.

This awareness helped Laural understand that we are never alone on our journey toward wholeness. The body actually holds a map that guides us back to our soul. As living Trees of Life we can choose to embrace the Tree of Knowledge without fear or judgment. As we make peace with duality, we awaken the One Within.

Laural is the author of:

Mandala Chakra – Awaken the One Within.

The Guardian Tree – the true story of Carmen Sylvia.

Today, Laural facilitates classes and retreats as well as a yearlong Medicine Wheel series.  To learn more visit: www.treeoflifewithin.com


Laural Virtues Wauters is a certified mandala facilitator trained through Rajita Sivananda (Judith Cornell Ph.D.)  She is a mesa carrier and graduate of the Four Winds – Healing the Light Body School of Energy Medicine founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo. Laural earned a BSW in Social Work and a BA in Graphic Communications. She is currently learning from Adolfo Ttito Condori, an Andean Altomasayoq. 


“The Tree of Life lives within each of us, helping us awaken to our true nature. Let us reach out with branches of compassion, connect with each other through our shared roots, and hold space for all to grow and feel loved.” – Laural Virtues Wauters 


Mandala Chakra 

Author & Artist: Laural Virtues Wauters

Publisher: Seven Earthly Virtues, LLC

All rights reserved and belong to Laural Virtues Wauters

Sharing of any artwork/mandalas via the internet and the insights that accompany them need to be credited to the artist/author with a link to this site or the artist/authors official website: www.treeoflifewithin.com.  If you are interested in doing this please contact Laural at: laural@treeoflifewithin.com

The author of this site does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a personal nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the author assumes no responsibility for your actions.

Copyright © 2015 Seven Earthly Virtues, LLC

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