8. Serpent

1_Root Chakra - Serpent

1. Serpent – Root Chakra – Base of Spine – Nature’s Archetype

The root chakra is located at the base of our spine, it is associated with the musculoskeletal and elimination systems. This chakra connects and grounds us within our physical body as we learn to live, trust and feel safe.

The archetype of the root chakra is the serpent or ouroboros that sheds its skin. This  ongoing process of regeneration has linked serpents with rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing.

The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol of a serpent swallowing its tail, thus creating a circular and infinite world. By shedding its skin, it releases what is no longer needed yet receives nourishment from what was shed. Carl Jung saw the Ouroboros as the archetype of alchemy and transformation.

The Yogic concept of Kundalini is seen as a coiled serpent wrapped around the base of the spine within the root chakra.  This “serpent of light” arises within us as we open our chakras and awaken our life force energy.

Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, is depicted holding a staff with a single serpent coiled around a knotty tree limb. In myth Asclepius was seen as the son of Apollo, god of light and healing. His staff, the Rod of Asclepius, is the primary symbol of healthcare throughout the world today.

The Caduceus, is another ancient symbol of two serpents intertwined around a central pole. Its origins may have begun with Ningishzida, the Sumerian “lord of the good tree,” almost 6000 years ago. The Caduceus became associated with the messenger gods Hermes and Mercury as it evolved to include a pair of wings.

Serpent encourages us to release what holds us so we can move forward on our journey of healing and reconnection.

Message: Just as the serpent sheds its skin, you are being encouraged to shed any limiting beliefs, bad habits or clutter in your life. This will allow you to move forward and receive new insights and wisdom. Feel safe in your own skin as you practice moving through life with more wisdom and trust.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell 

9. Jaguar

2_Sacral Chakra

2. Jaguar – Sacral Chakra – Reproductive System – Natures Archetype

The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen that is connected to the reproductive system. This is the sacred place of creation, pleasure, relaxation, fearlessness and peace. Jaguar is the peaceful warrior that brings balance to our creative and sexual power.

Jaguar is a warm-blooded mammal that sees in the dark, giving it the ability to hunt at night. Jaguars represent the top of the food chain within Meso-America. In North America and Europe, Jaguars are referred to as Panthers.

Jaguars embody the predator/prey dynamic of fight, flight or freeze. Jaguars hunt only to survive, therefore they teach us how to use our power wisely and selectively. Jaguar encourages us to go into the shadows of our lives to claim the wisdom that waits for us. If we do not look at those things that scare us, those things that scare us will stalk us. If we move through what scares us, we will conquer our fears.  Jaguars are nocturnal and encourage us to enter the world of darkness and shadow without fear or reservation.

Our shadows provide enormous insights and wisdom for reclaiming our power and seeing that it is the primary source of inner peace. Here one becomes aware of oneself as a human.

Message: Jaguar is reminding you to face what frightens you. Bring these fears forward and out of the shadows, see them for what they are and move forward. Most of the time they are unresolved wounds from childhood, or stories you have taken on over time or from your ancestors. Do what you can to resolve your fears and see the lessons you have learned because of it. These lessons will become sources of wisdom and strength. Begin to see that your true power is to be in balance and at peace within yourself and your world.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker 

10. Hummingbird

3_Solar Plexus Chakra - Hummingbird

3. Hummingbird – Solar Plexus Chakra – Digestive System – Natures Archetype

The solar plexus chakra is located in the stomach area and is connected to the digestive system. This is a place of vitality, confidence, courage, integrity, joy and sweetness.

The archetype of Hummingbird is symbolic of the solar plexus chakra. It represents the eternal light that is within us, the internal source that fuels us as well as the external sun that shines upon us. The light of the solar plexus casts shadows within the self. The greatest gifts can be found hiding behind our fear. This chakra goes into the darkness of the self to retrieve the wisdom born of fire.

By making peace within the darkness one can more fully stand in their light. The Hummingbird’s ability to migrate long distances and hover in the air makes it a creature of mythical proportions. They ignite the imagination by inspiring us to see life as a sacred fairytale.

Hummingbirds remind us that the impossible is possible as we transform our lives with courage, determination and joy.  Hummingbirds bring sweetness into our lives.

They give us the power to rewrite our soul’s story as we connect to our true north, the inner compass that guides us through life.  In some native cultures the Hummingbird is the totem of the soul and is used for soul retrieval. The mythical realm of the Hummingbird transcends time and space.

Message: Whatever is challenging you can be transformed in your favor when you approach it from a place of gratitude. This is the hero’s journey of moving through obstacles to reconnect with your soul’s true purpose. Imagine your life as a sacred fairytale filled with twists, turns and wonder. As the author of your story you are able to write a new ending. Remember that the impossible is possible when you focus on the sweetness in your life.

“Awakening to one’s true self-radiant nature is ultimate spiritual and emotional healing.” – Rajita Sivananda (Dr. Judith Cornell)

11. Eagle

4_Heart Chakra - Eagle

4. Eagle – Heart Chakra – Cardiovascular System – Natures Archetype

The heart chakra is located in the chest area and is connected to our cardiovascular system. This is the energetic world of our soul, where compassion and unconditional love reside within us.

The Eagle archetype resides in the heart chakra uniting the physical body with the soul body. Eagles soar wingtip to wingtip between the heavens and the earth. When the sun rises to signal a new day, Eagle reminds us to fly above the mundane by soaring to gain a new perspective.

With new eyes, we can see the bigger picture of our life yet see our stories for what they are: stories.  Eagle reminds us to live from our hearts by loving unconditionally with no strings attached. When we soar with Eagle we feel the currents of pure energy freeing us to be who we truly are.

The heart chakra is the center point, the core of who we are. This chakra reminds us that to be fully conscious of the self we must love our self unconditionally. By loving our self unconditionally, we will know the truth of our soul.

Eagle is associated with direction of East, the place of the rising sun. The return of the sun each morning is symbolic of the spiritual soul renewing itself. We are reminded to see with new eyes and envision a new way of being.

Message: Eagle is appearing to you now to help you see the bigger picture of your life.  Eagle is asking you to see with your heart instead of your eyes, and to allow your heart to open to unconditional love. If your heart feels heavy, ask Eagle to carry you above the stories and wounds.  From this place, know that you have the choice to release the stories that you are holding. Allow your heart to open to ultimate compassion, forgiveness and love. Envision your past, present and future as one big dream that is carrying you forward into what you want to become. Open your heart to all possibilities.

“Man is spirit – this is all man needs to know; and spirit is triumphant over matter.” – White Eagle 

12. Roots

5_Throat Chakra - Underworld

5. Roots – Throat Chakra – Vocal System – Nature’s Archetype

The throat chakra is located in the throat and is connected to the vocal system. This is the place of communication, resonance and truth.

The roots of a tree symbolize the origins of stories that have been told and stored in the subconscious mind. These stories hold the roots of world belief, as ancient humans saw trees as benevolent beings that held the secrets of life and death. The throat chakra reminds us to use our words and our silence wisely.

A tree’s roots sink deep into the earth from where we begin and return. The association of death and the underworld is long standing. It was seen as a place where the physical body returned to replenish the earth for future generations. Burial rituals honored death as a preparation for rebirth or reincarnation.

Mankind’s fascination with death and rebirth created epic and mythical stories of deities who ruled the Under World, Upper World and Middle World. This laid the foundation for many of today’s beliefs and religions. These fabled stories grew through the ancient tradition of storytelling as epic tales were passed on from one generation to another. Each storyteller added their own voice.

Message: Search for the deeper meaning of the stories you have been told before sharing them with others. Understand the origins of how this story began. Know what feels true to your soul before sharing it with others. As a storyteller, you have the opportunity to heal old stories by telling it in a new way. As you share your stories through the spoken word, you help create a new reality for yourself and future generations.

“Maybe you are searching among branches for what only appears in the roots”  – Rumi 


13. Trunk

6_Third Eye Chakra - Middleworld

6. Trunk – Third Eye Chakra – Sensory System – Natures Archetype

The third eye chakra is located in the middle of the forehead connecting us to our sensory system. This is the place ofintuition, inner knowing and conscious dreaming. It represents the archetype of the tree, standing fully present in the moment.

A tree trunk is seen at eye level; it is not buried like the roots or out of reach like branches. The trunk is symbolic of the present moment, our awakened or conscious state, what some call the middle world. In native cultures, trees are referred to as “The Standing People” who hold great wisdom for humanity.

Trees paved the way for humans to live on earth by purifying the air we breathe. Trees provided shelter, tools, food, medicine, fire and spiritual connection.

The Celtic cultures of the Germanic people saw trees as ancestor spirits or divine beings. A person who could access the wisdom of trees was considered “treewise”.  These treewise people were often seen as Druids who were able to merge with the spirit of a tree and gather information in the middle, lower and upperworlds. Druids were teachers and mystics who shared their wisdom by carving symbols and letters on wooden sticks. The Anglo-Saxon word treo, means both tree and truth and is based on the Sanskrit word taru (tree). Treeshave inspired manyofthe great mysteryteachingsand creation stories throughout the world. These stories have been consciously shared in the oral tradition for hundreds of generations as they have informed the collective unconscious.

The third eye has the ability to awaken the collective unconscious to become conscious. By bringing these stories to consciousness using our logical and intuitive self we can awaken our world through the singular eye of the soul.

“One is wise to cultivate the tree that bears fruit in our soul” – Henry David Thoreau 


14. Branches

7_Crown Chakra - Upperworld

7. Branches – Crown Chakra – Belief System – Natures Archetype

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head and is connected to our belief system. This is the place of spiritual connection beyond the self.

The branches of a tree represent our desire to connect to something beyond our self. Just as the roots of a tree reach down to the earth, branches reach up toward the sky. Many early cultures believed that when a person died their physical body returned to the earth and their soul or spirit returned to the stars.

As humans studied the sky they noticed that the sun set at night and rose in the opposite direction each morning. This inspired early cultures to record the sunrise and sunset until they understood that it created arepeating cycle or solar year.

These ancient astronomers also tracked the stars and literally connected the dots. This eventually led to their ability to create divine order. The word divine comes from the Latin root word “devin,” meaning “as above.”  The sound of wind through the trees is often associated with the voice of the divine. When the Bible was translated from Hebrew, Greek and Latin into German during the 1400s, the ancient Semitic names of Adonai, El, YHVH and Jehovah were replaced with the Proto-Germanic word Guden, meaning: “to invoke the sound of wind in the trees.” This was based on the passage in Genesis 3:8 “And they heard the sound of the Jehovah walking in the garden in the cool of the day”, cool of the day” is interpreted as the evening winds. The Bible was translated into English in 1526, the word Guden became God. Remember there are a thousand names for “God” and is also nameless. The branches of a tree hold these stories. The crown chakra serves as a connection to source that sees beyond the self to the infinite soul.

Message: It is time for you to reach out and believe in your dreams.  Allow your dreams to be known so the universe can help you make them come true.  Remember that you are a child of the universe who can touch the stars.

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” – John Muir