Laural Virtues Wauters

Laural Virtues Wauters is a mandala artist, spiritual theorist, educator and facilitator. She adeptly weaves nature, history, psychology and science together with spiritual awareness to awaken our inner wisdom. By seeing ourselves as creators of our reality we become active participants in the co-creation of our world. She has been a lecturer at the university level on topics ranging from the compass of world belief, mandalas as a healing art form and awakening the tree of life within. Laural is a faculty member at Hawthorn Institute in Williams, OR.

As a child in her native Germany, Laural experienced a series of encounters with a tree spirit that inspired a lifetime of wonder. On the morning after 9/11, she was once again inspired by the tree spirit to untangle the shared roots of world belief. Laural researched their origins within each continent from 40,000 BCE to present day.  She saw how the illusion of separation between the self and the soul coincided with man’s disconnection from nature.  Laural studied the mythical Tree of Life, as well as the mystical path of the soul. Intrigued by the work of psychologist Carl Jung, she understood why he saw trees as the archetype of the human psyche and mandalas as the archetype of wholeness.

Soon she became fascinated by the reoccurring theme found within the number 7, and its impact on world order and the collective mind. This led her into the ancient teachings of Plato, Empedocles, Phythagorus well as contemporary theories in astrophysics and quantum mechanics. When she realized the profound synchronicity between sacred geometry and the seven chakras the concept for Mandala Chakra was born.

On 7/7/7, Laural left her 25-year career in advertising as agency president/creative director to pursue her soul’s calling.  She traveled back to Frankfurt Germany, for the first time since she was 7, to begin her personal healing journey.  Laural is a graduate of  the Four Winds – Healing the Light Body School of Energy Medicine and was certified as a Mandala Facilitator by Dr. Judith Cornell (Rajita Sivananda), the author of Mandala – Luminous Symbols for Healing.

Laural believes that by reconnecting with the inner wisdom of our true nature we awaken the One within.

Laural is the author of three books

Mandala Chakra – Awaken the One Within

The Guardian Tree – the true story of Carmen Sylvia

Tree Spirit Tarot – Return to the garden of our soul

For more information visit her other websites:

To purchase art visit her online gallery at: Ink Drop Arthaus

Laural is available to facilitate classes, retreats, book circles, lectures etc…


“The Tree of Life lives within each of us, helping us awaken to our true nature. Let us reach out with branches of compassion, connect with each other through our shared roots, and hold space for all to grow and feel loved.” – Laural Virtues Wauters 


Mandala Chakra 

Author & Artist: Laural Virtues Wauters

Publisher: Seven Earthly Virtues, LLC

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