6. Trunk

6_Third Eye Chakra - Middleworld

6. Trunk – Third Eye Chakra – Middle of Forehead

The trunk of the tree is seen at eye level, it is not buried like roots or out of reach like branches. It is symbolic of the present moment, the awakened or conscious state, what some call the middleworld. This is also the place of intuition and knowing that is represented in the third eye. In many native cultures, trees are referred to as “The Standing People.” Trees paved the way for humans to live on earth by purifying the air we breathe. They inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Trees provide shelter, tools, food, medicine, fire and spiritual connection.

The Germanic Celts saw trees as families. They named the oak family duir (door). A person who could open the door of an oak was considered “oakwise” and became known as a Druid. Druids were able to merge with the spirit of the tree to gather information in the middle world, lower world or upper world. Trees often became the source of the mystery teachings of life.

Message: Trust your inner knowing by being aware and present in the moment. Feel what is happening around you and within you. As your intuition developes anchor it within your heart to learn what feels right to your soul. This will help you sort out what is true for you. Life is filled with new insights as you see with your heart instead of your eyes.

“One is wise to cultivate the tree that bears fruit in our soul” – Henry David Thoreau 

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