13. Metatron’s Cube

13_Metatrons Cube - Third Eye

13. Metatron’s Cube – Knowledge of Life – Third Eye Chakra

Metatron’s cube is a 3D matrix contained within a 2D symbol. By connecting the centers of the 13 feminine circles in the fruit of life with 78 masculine lines, the circular (intuitive) gifts and the linear (logical) thought, reveal the knowledge of life. In Hebrew, Metatron (metered throne) is the male aspect of God, while Shekinah (dwelling spirit) is the female. Together they create sacred knowledge. In Jewish mysticism, Metatron holds the Book of Secrets in preparation for man’s return to the Garden of Eden. Metatron’s cube holds the knowledge of our true nature as human and divine. The story of Metatron is found in the Jewish mystical books of Enoch, written around 300BCE. He is described as the first man to ascend to heaven, known as the prophet Enoch. Enoch was the seventh grandson of Adam and great grandfather to Noah. He became the heavenly scribe who sits at the right hand of God. The left hand is his feminine counterpart Shekinah. Metatron’s cube reveals the Platonic Solids or building blocks of life that represent nature’s elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Love, Air, Ether and Light.

Message: Embrace all aspects of who you are. Appreciate both your masculine and feminine nature. Now is the time for you to trust your rational mind and your intuitive senses as you awaken to a new way of seeing your life. By looking at your present situation from all directions it will become clear what action you need to take or not to take. Wisdom is now awakening in your consciousness that will change your life.

“Geometry is knowledge of the eternally existent.” – Pythagoras 

3 thoughts on “13. Metatron’s Cube

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  2. When I was in elementary school I used to draw the center of metatrons cube, and variations of it. But always without the circles… I wasnt told what it was until today. I can’t believe I’ve been drawing it my whole life without realizing it…..

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