15. Hexahedron

15_Earth - Hexahedron - Root

15. Hexahedron – Earth – Root Chakra 

The hexahedron or cube has six equal square faces. It is symbolic of Earth and is related to the root chakra that grounds us into the physical body. Earth is the archetypal mother: nurturing and receptive, yet strong and resourceful. She provides everything we need including air, food, water, shelter and clothing; plus tools and medicine, as well as beauty and awe. When ancient asteroids and space particles collided with Earth, they impregnated her with seeds that carried all the elements necessary to create a vast variety of life forms. Each is interconnected and interdependent. Earth allows us to heal ourselves and facilitate the healing of seven generations before and after. We can sense the roots of our ancestors and the children to come.

Message: Get outside in nature and connect with the mothering intelligence of Earth. Become more conscious of all she gives you as you eat, breathe, sleep and walk through life. It is imperative that you honor the beauty and diversity around you as you reconnect to your roots and feel safe.

 “The earth is what we all have in common.” – Wendell Berry 

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