48. Soul Tree

Soul Tree 48. Soul Connection – Soul Tree – Third Eye – Chakra Tree 

The Soul Tree is created when all seven chakras flow together as one. Soul connection occurs when the archetypal Tree of Knowledge merges with the Tree of Life. God and Goddess worship was central to many early cultures, which is why there are over a thousand names for God. Around 2500 BCE many cultures shifted from matriarchy to patriarchy. In the Judaic story of the Garden of Eden man and woman were separated from the feminine Tree of Life because they ate from the masculine Tree of Knowledge. As Goddess worship ended mankind became unbalanced and disconnected within. As we reclaim and rebalance our inner masculine and feminine we become interconnected with all. By seeing that we are not separate we become whole. Soul Tree reminds us to honor all aspects of the God and Goddess within us.

Message: By looking deeper into the roots of your present situation you will uncover new connections that will help you move forward. Trust your instincts as you consciously decide what feels right to your soul, new life will open to you.

“All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.” ‐ Albert Einstein 


Culture            Goddess (Tree of Life)      God (Tree of Knowledge)

Sumerian         Innana/Ishtar/Ashtart        Anu/Ansharu (Enlil&Enki)

Ugaritic           Atirat/Athirat/Elat               El/Elohim/Elon/Baal

Canaanite       Astarte/Ashtart/Ninlil         El/Il (Enlil) Dagon

Hebrew           Asherah/Shekinah             Adonai/YHVH/El/Baal

Akkadian        Ashratum/Antu                  Anu/Ea/Anshar/Adannu

Kederite         Atarsamin                           Nuhai

Hittite             Asherdu/Ashertu                Alalu/Anu/Elkunirsa

Armaean        Athargatis                          Hubal/El

Phoenician    Astarte/Dione                     El/Al/Elohim/Elijah

Chaldean       Anata                                 Anu/Ilu/El/Adonai

Egyptian        Nut/Hathor/Qudshu           Thoth/Horus/RA

Arabian          Alluza/Ashira/Allum            Sin/Allah

Greek             Gaia/Aphrodite/Sophia      Uranus/Zeus/Hermes

Roman           Venus/Juno                        Mercury/Jupiter/Apollo

Celtic             Eostre                                 Woden/Irmin

Norse             Freya/Frigg                        Odin/Yggr/Thor

Kabbalah       Shekinah/Hochmah           Metatron

Christian        Virgin Mary                        God/Jesus/Christ

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