49. Soul Light

Soul Light

49. Soul Connection – Soul Light – Crown Chakra – Tree of Light 

Soul light connects us to source. The Axis Mundi or World Tree in the Earth’s center connects to the center of the Milky Way. The Anima Mundi or World Soul connects us to pure source. Man’s source of light is the Sun, which is a star. Homer (Greek – 850 BCE) was inspired by the stars when he wrote the lliad and the Odyssey, he created a pantheon of Gods and Goddeses (Titans & Olypians) who ruled the universe as well as man. This created a sense of separation between the self and the soul. The seven planets seen with the naked eye were known as the seven heavenly lights or seven sages. When the Romans created the solar Julian calendar in 46 BCE, they identified seven days as one week. Each day is named for one of the heavenly lights/planets as a God or Goddess.

Message: You are a being of light that is interconnected with the infinite nature of everything around you. Radiate your light in all directions to illuminate your life and your world. The source of your light is your soul. Its fuel is love. It is time to love the light within you and share it as you wish.

“You have no need to travel anywhere. Journey within yourself and bathe in the splendor of your own light.” – Rumi 


These names of planets/gods were translated from Greek to Latin and then to German and English. The Greco/Roman gods were matched to the Celtic/Norse gods for continuity.

Seven Planets and the Seven Days of the Week

  1. Moon – Monday – Moon’s Day: Lunar Bull (German-Mani) (Roman-Luna) (Greek-Selene) (Arabian-Sin)
  2. Mars – Tuesday – Tyr’s Day: God of War (Norse-Tyr/Tiwaz son of Odin, Wodan/Irmin/Yggr) (Roman-Mars) (Greek-Ares)
  3. Mercury – Wednesday – Wodan’s Day: Father God (Norse-Wodan/Irmin/Odin/Yggr) (Roman-Mercury) (Greek-Hermes)
  4. Jupiter – Thursday – Thor’s Day: God of Sky & Thunder (Thor is son of Odin) (Roman & Greek Zeus is son of Cronus)
  5. Venus – Friday – Freya’s Day: Goddess of Life (Norse-Freya/Frigg) (German-Eostre) (Roman-Venus) (Greek-Aphrodite)
  6. Saturn – Saturday – Saturn’s Day: Son of Greek God Uranus & Goddess Gaia, father to Cronus. (Roman-Saturn)
  7. Sun – Sunday – Sun’s Day: German Goddess Sunna (Roman-Sol) (Greek-Apollo) (Mithra-Persian, Roman & Hindu)

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